General Questions
I want front air ride system only (I already have rear). What do I need to buy?

Front air shocks, instant-up kit, switch, and possibly a compressor.
If the existing rear air ride is an Arnott system and in good condition, you can re-use the compressor, rear shocks, rear control switch. If any other system, ie Legends, Tricky, etc, you can re-use the rear shocks and switch, but must replace the compressor.

I want a complete front AND rear air ride system for my touring bike. What do I order?

Go to “Build your Own Kit” section under products and select your specific application

Can I put front and rear air ride on my stock bike?

Yes, these systems do not require any other special parts to install.

Do I need two compressors for front and rear air ride?

No, our complete system comes with an instant-up kit.  This kit utilizes an air tank to store compressed air.  The front and rear air valves share this source of compressed air.

Can you adjust the ride height while riding?

Yes, height adjustments can be made while riding.

Is there any dampening in the front and rear shocks?

Yes, dampening is achieved by an opposing air spring force on both the front and rear shocks.

Do I have to use all AirFX brand components for air ride to work properly?

No, in many cases you can use other compressors and valves.  Consult the factory with specific questions.

Can I mix air ride brands? (Ex. Rear is brand X, front is brand AirFX)?

Yes, we can provide components to install front air ride and valves and re-use another brand of rear shocks.

Is there a guarantee?

AirFX USA, LLC warranties all of the products we manufacture to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of ownership.

I don't see my bike on your website, can you do custom orders?

AirFX will consider making custom shocks for a variety of different bikes or unique applications.

How many years will AirFX air ride last?

AirFX rear shocks are designed with double seals yielding many years of trouble free performance.  Eventually they will wear out, but can be rebuilt for a reasonable cost.  The front shocks are sealed and have a life expectancy of at least 30,000 miles.

Rear Shocks
What finishes are available for the Magnum (touring) shocks?
  • Black Hardcoat Anodized
  • Show Polished Aluminum
What is the travel of the Magnum (touring) rear shocks?
  • Shock travel is 4 inches.
  • Pin to pin dimensions are 9.25”to 13.25” and 10” to 14”, depending on which shock you select.
What is the travel of the rear mono shock?

Shock travel is 2 inches. (Stock is about 1.5”)

The Magnum (touring) shocks look big, why and will they fit under the bags?

The shocks are designed with the largest bore possible and still fit under the stock bags

  • The larger bore decreases the required pressure, softening the ride.
  • Will fit under stock bags.  Some aftermarket bags may need to be adjusted (spaced) to clear the shocks.
Can the Magnum and Mono shocks be ridden at any height?
  • Yes, however, the suspension will be rigid all the way down.
  • Best ride quality at about ½ travel.
Can the rear air ride height be adjusted while riding?

Yes, can be adjusted while riding.

How do you adjust the rebound on the Touring bike shocks?
  • Generally, the trapped air in the rod end of the shock provides adequate rebound without adding air pressure.
  • The shock has a Schrader valve on the bottom.  Raise the bike to the desired ride height, vent the Schrader valve there.
How do you adjust the rebound on the monoshocks?
  • The trapped air in the rod end of the shock provides rebound control.  A Schrader valve is provided to add air pressure to firm up the ride.
  • To adjust, lower the bike to the lowest setting.  Add pressure to the Schrader valve, raise to ride height and test.  Rebound pressures range from 0 to 50 PSI depending on the application.  More air pressure increases firmness.
How do the Magnum shocks ride compare to stock?

Softer than stock, even when riding two up.

What is the shock stroke of the 1985-2017 Softail shock?
  • Shock travel is 2 inches, (stock is about 1.5”)
  • Optional 2.50” stroke is also available.
I have a custom softail chopper. Which style package do I purchase?

Softail chopper frames are setup with the 85-99 style shocks. Pivots on both ends.

Can I just get rear air ride? Or do I have to buy both front and rear?

Yes, you can purchase rear air ride only. If you decide to upgrade to front and rear air ride, you can at a later time.

Can I mix air ride brands/parts? Or do they all have to be AirFX to work properly?

Yes, we can provide components to install front air ride and valves and re-use another brand of rear shocks.

I am having trouble with the shocks sticking. What do I do?

Occasionally, we see the rear shocks “stick” all the way down, then pop up.  This is caused by too much grease being applied during assembly.  Usually, this problem goes away after breaking in the shock.  If not, return to the factory to have the excess grease removed.

Front Air Ride
What is the travel of the front air ride shocks?
  • The front shocks have 5 inches of total travel. 3” on Sport Bike applications.
  • Typically they are ridden at ½ travel.
What limits the down travel of the front shocks?
  • The shock cartridge length limits the down travel of the shock
  • The compressed length of the shock is factory set to match the wheel size and rake kit purchased.
Can I adjust the compressed length of the front shock?

Yes, the cartridge compressed length can be adjusted.  Consult the factory.

Will the front shock still have oil in it?
  • No, the shock oil is eliminated.
  • Wear surfaces are lubricated with grease (provided) during installation
Can I mix brands? Will the front air ride work with another brand's rear?

Yes, we can provide components to install front air ride and valves and re-use another brand of rear shocks.